I gave a brief presentation on the Friday of the SSP Top Management Roundtable, talking about why blogging works. Here is a brief overview of what I had to say:

  • There is a media source that is known for polemicism, sporadic coverage, mimicry, factual errors, superficial coverage, and cronyism. It’s the mainstream media. Against this, accountable, linked, and often long-form writing like that in the better blogs does well.
  • Blogs are growing, from a traffic standpoint, at 4x the rate of traditional media sites.
  • Blogging is the signature written form of our age.
  • Blogging reveals hidden expertise, and unearths experts with perspective and access that the mainstream media can never replicate.

These are just a few comments from my presentation. I’m a convert, as this blog and the Scholarly Kitchen show. Just look at the expertise we’ve unearthed on both blogs.

What are you waiting for, expert who is reading this?

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